Principal Architect on CASS (Current Account Switching) formerly IAS (Industry Account Switching). 

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing solutions for payment forwarding, following an account switch. Payment systems included Faster Payments, CHAPS and ‘on-us’.
  • Designing solutions for balance clearance, following an account switch
  • Designing key elements of the 7 day switch; including transfer of Direct Debit Instructions, account balance transfer and account status transition
  • Liaising with Business Analysts and other business stake holders, on a daily basis, to translate requirements into solutions
  • Working with core banking system team to develop solutions to enable account switching, account closure, payment redirection and payment forwarding
  • Working with Faster Payments team to develop solutions for processing FP redirection information from industry, debt clearance and the handling of increased message size and volumes 
  • Industry representative for LBG. Attended meetings with UK Payments Council to help formulate approach to account switching and treatment of payments.